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OEM Systems

OVC Outdoor volume control

Outdoor volume control

2X4LCR In-wall centre channel speaker

In-wall centre channel speaker

MR-421 4 gang mud ring

4 gang mud ring

R1R-6 1BP Speaker rough-in kit

R1R-6 1BP
Speaker rough-in kit

In the 1980’s OEM Systems saw the need for high-quality speakers to be built into walls and ceilings. Since 1987, they have been a resource for the design, engineering and manufacture of custom-installation loudspeakers and accessories that streamline the process. Ever since the early days of the custom installation industry, they have been a trusted supplier for many of the best-known loudspeaker brands. As the industry grew so did their range of solutions.

Today, OEM Systems offer a broad range of custom installation speakers and accessories to work with:

Preference - Ultimate performance and build quality, MAP pricing, the best you can buy

Presence - Superb design and performance, great value, dependable and durable

ArchiTech - Design excellence, value-engineered, great price/performance ratio

Sound Terrain - Many options for the best sound solutions for outdoor sound

Endeavor - Durable Indoor/outdoor cabinet speakers that look great and sound terrific

Pro-Wire accessories - from mud rings, to connection plates, to bananas that really work.


The key characteristics OEM Systems proudly stand behind for their customers are:

Consistency - Their products are designed to withstand the test of time

99% Fill rate - They can be counted on to have what the customer needs, when they need it

Inventory strength - OEM uses their manufacturing strength to the customer’s advantage. They step up to bring in factory-level quantities,  so their customer doesn’t have that burden

Fast Turnaround - Orders that get in to OEM Systems by 1 PM (PST) are shipped the same day

The human touch - Real OEM people answer your calls and deliver real help. The customer-friendly website is designed for simple, ‘click’ connections

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