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Perplas Corporation

02WH-6T Raceway with tape

Raceway with tape

FR3GR-6 Carpet/floor ramp

Carpet/floor ramp

02WH-IC Inside corner

Inside corner

02WH-TE Raceway tee

Raceway tee

In many home and office environments, cables, power strips, power converters and small devices, such as hubs and modems, sit unprotected on the floor under or behind a work surface. In fact, it is likely that you are in the midst of such clutter as you read this.

This disorganized mess of cables and devices is subject to many forms of physical damage including crimping, crushing, liquid spills and accidental disconnects. Aside from being an eye sore, this dusty heap of cables is also creating damaging heat buildup and is a great place for workplace hazards. Finally, there are the potential dangers of shock and entanglement for pets and small children that might be laying on or playing with the cables.

When you organize your cables with the Perplas cable management system, you not only immediately eliminate all of these problems but also experience some added benefits such as proper organization and easily traceable cabling.

Take a few minutes to see how the Perplas cable management system works and the different situations where it can really make a difference in the safety and security of your desktop computer, workstation, home entertainment system and office environment.

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