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UR20 Full headphones

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Lightweight headphones

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Koss Audio & Video Electronics started producing and selling consumer electronic products. The two founders of the company developed a headphone that launched the company almost by accident, as they came upon the headphone idea as a result of an attempt to market a portable phonograph. Although renowned for the invention of the original “stereophones”, Koss has been a pioneer in the hi-fi industry and has provided three generations of American ingenuity, integrity and incomparable quality.

Some of their more popular products are the Koss Plug and Koss Spark Plug which are noise isolation earphones. Their ability to be adapted to take the high-end Etymotic ear tip (known as the Koss Hybrid), and the popular Koss Porta Pro has contributed to their success. Their budget-priced headphones (the KSC series in particular) are widely regarded as some of the best low-end headphones on the market. In addition to selling headphones under their own brand, Koss headphones are also rebranded as Radio Shack headphones, under license, and sold in Radio Shack stores. All headphones manufactured in North America by KOSS come with a limited lifetime warranty, which covers normal use by the initial user or purchaser.

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